The success of sailing as a recreational and rehabilitation program for people who live with disabilities is evident in the growing number of people that participate in our program and other programs throughout the world.  People with mobility and other impairments can leave their wheelchairs and their disabilities behind, and enjoy the independence and freedom that one experiences when sailing.

For the 2020 Season, our Recreational sailing times are available from:

Monday – Thursday 11:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Friday’s 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Each 1 hour sail costs $15.00 inclusive for members. Please allow for an extra 20 minutes before and after each sail time for staggering.

Outreach Programs

DSAO Toronto is has offered organizations which serve people with disabilities the opportunity to bring groups to the waterfront for a sail.

Unfortunately for the 2020 Season we will not be offering Group Sails on the same boat, however we may be able to offer a group the opportunity to sail separately on different boats.

Get On Board (GOB)

The GOB program is offered to young adults living with autism. For the 2020 Season, we will not be offering our group GOB program, however GOB participants are encouraged to continue sailing with DSAO and sign up as members and book individual sails with us during operational hours.

Seniors Sailing

A growing demographic of the DSAO membership are seniors.  We encourage our seniors to come and sail with us as we have all the necessary equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable sail.

Preparing for your sail

Sailing is a very safe sport as long as you use good judgment and obey a few basic safety rules. All our recreational sailing is supervised by a qualified instructor or volunteer. Here are a few things to think about when preparing for your sail.

  1. Dressing for Safety and Comfort: Always dress knowing it is a little cooler on the water.  Long pants and shirts are recommended to protect from sun exposure.  A rain jacket or rain cape makes sailing in windy and wet weather more comfortable. Our program provides approved PFD (personal flotation device) to all participants.  *Participants are encouraged to bring their own PFD for the 2020 Season
  2. Protection from the Sun and Over Heating: Any exposure to the sun directly and from the reflection of the water puts sailors at serious risk of sunburn and dehydration. Bring a hat with a brim and protect any exposed skin with sunblock. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Drinks lot’s of water before and after your sail to stay hydrated.

In addition to the tips above, DSAO has a new set of COVID-19 Policies & Protocols which Participants must adhere to.  These will be communicated with individuals directly when signing up for sailing.