2018 DSAO Board of Directors

The DSAO Board of Directors provides the governance and strategic direction for the Association. The members of the Board bring an array of skills, expertise and sailing experience to fulfill their responsibilities.

At the December 2017 Annual General Meeting, the DSAO Membership elected the following Board of Directors:

PresidentAmanda Karahanas
Vice PresidentDanny McCoy
TreasurerPeter Neelands
SecretaryJacqueline Czernecki
DirectorMartha Henderson
DirectorNatasha Mulligan
Past PresidentKevin Rogers

To contact any board member please email – [email protected]


DSAO Past Presidents

2016 - David Helsby2007 - Shelley Gautier
2015 - Sarai Demers2006 - Shelley Gautier
2014 - Sarai Demers2005 - Adrian Sievell
2013 - Sarai Demers2004 - Rick Watters
2012 - Joan Lewis2003 - Rick Watters
2011 - Bryan Doehler2002 - Norman
2010 - Bryan Doehler2001 - Debbie Donald
2009 - Nigist Sewnnet2000 - Debbie Donald
2008 - Rick Watters1999 - Danny McCoy



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