2019 Season AGM

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Announcing the 2019 Season Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario (DSAO).Sunday March 29, 2020 – 1300hrs (1:00pm)Royal Canadian Yacht Club – City Clubhouse141 St. George Street – Accessible through 75 Prince Arthur Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Agenda:12 – 12:45pm: Arrival & Registration1 – 3:00pm: 2019 Season Annual General Meeting

  • Opening Remarks & Presidents Report
  • Highlights from the 2019 Season
  • Presentation of the 2019 Financials
  • Appointment of Auditors/Independent Examiner
  • 2020 Season Programming & Announcements
  • Motions to be heard
  • Resignation of the 2019 Directors (4 Directors)
  • Election of the 2020 Directors (4 Directors)

3 – 5:00pm: Celebration & Social

We encourage everyone to attend in person.  We will be making accommodations for those who cannot attend in person due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).  Please email: [email protected] if you wish to have this accommodation.   Please note that voting will not be able to be accommodated remotely.  We encourage those who cannot attend in person to submit their proxy form either to the Board or to another Member.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!
Amanda Karahanas, President (on behalf of the DSAO Board of Directors)