Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario

The DSAO sponsored Queen's Quay Disabled Sailing Program is volunteer intensive.

We are continually grateful for the people who volunteer their valuable time to us and to the sailing community in so many different ways. If you notice someone giving of their own time, take a moment to recognize their contribution. Valuing the work of another goes an exponentially long way towards fostering a strong community.

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Volunteers assist with all aspects of the program and are provided with general and role-specific training.

Volunteers perform land, on-the-water, administrative, coaching, planning and coordinating, musical and creative tasks and almost any talent can be fit into the summer and off-season programming while providing experience, learning opportunities or required community credit volunteer hours.

Thanks for volunteering comes as direct thanks from members and in invitations to club BBQs and sailing events where you will meet and mingle with fellow volunteers, share a meal, or go for a sail. Public recognition of volunteer achievement comes with awards and publication of the names of distinguished volunteers to the list of Officers of Honour.


  • No prerequisite training is required except for roles where certified skills or safety restrictions apply.

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DSAO - Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario DSAO is a family of organizations that promote and enable Ontarians with disabilities to experience therapeutic, recreational and social rehabilitation through the freedom of independent sailing. DSAO's objective is to build the sport of disabled sailing, assist with athlete development and sustain international competitive excellence. DSAO - Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario
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