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Racing FAQ

Away Regattas

If you would like to use QQDSP boats and equipment for out of town regattas and events, please coordinate your trip through QQDSP staff or the event participant coordinator.

Notice of Race (NOR)

'NOR,' refers to the 'Notice of Race,' the official race announcement publication. This document defines the specific details of the regatta's structure and schedule. A typical NOR includes the following: race dates, race and event starting times, eligibility criteria, race structure and marks, valid locations and methods for registration, as well as information about the dinners, award ceremonies, as well as other details. To find out about a regatta and learn how to sign-up, the NOR is the place to go!

Martin16 Class Rules

The Martin16 class rules have been updated, this is the first update since 2005.

An application has been submitted to Sail Canada to have the Martin16 one design status reinstated.


Sailing Instructions

Sailing instructions finalize the specific implementation details for the racing event: race course format, race course location, race start timing, flag signal and sound signal sequences that could be used for the race. Unless specified by the NOR, the regatta will follow all proceedings as noted by the General Sailing Instructions. Sailors are required to attend the Skippers Meeting prior to racing to go over the structure and timing of the race and to review any last minute changes.

Simplified Rules of Racing - Quite Simply

  1. Avoid Collisions.
  2. Port keeps clear of starboard.
  3. The boat astern (overtaking) keeps clear of the boat ahead.
  4. A boat turning (tacking or jibing) keeps clear of one that is not.
  5. If you gain right of way or change course, give the other boat time to keep clear.
  6. The inside boat with an overlap at the mark is entitled to room to round the mark.
  7. A boat that is backing up or not racing keeps clear.
  8. A capsized boat shall not take an action that hinders another boat.
  9. If you have violated one of the rules - take a 360 turn penalty.

This covers 95% of the situations that you will come across on week night racing.


When the first signal, the warning signal goes up, you do need to be ready to race. This signal means that you are advised to get to the start-line. Don't be afraid to sail up at the line jockeying for a spot. 

Racing Rules of Sailing

Racing rules are intended to ensure that the best competitor wins through individual racing skill, good fortune and quality of equipment alone and not as a result of procedural devices or legal argument.

Racing in a manner that can be considered to be dangerous or a threat to the safety of other competitors will not be tolerated. All disputes under the rules shall be conducted with these principles.


The courses laid by the DSAO will generally follow the windward-leeward and olympic triangle variety. From time to time, the Racing Committee will introduce more advanced courses for racers.

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