Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario


Racing is a key part of our sailing program and many members actively participate in local and away regattas with the support of DSAO resources including equipment, logistics and hands-on help.

DSAO equipment is readily available for use at local regattas and for away regattas with the permission and coordination of program staff upon request.

Racing Clinics

Clinics are an ideal opportunity for novice racers to learn about racing rules, start sequences and flags, starting line tactics, on course and finishing strategies and how to get the most out of the fun and social racing experience! Coaches and instructors will customize their teaching to the sailors in the group, run exercises and  and answer questions.  Clinics are a great opportunity to meet experienced sailors and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with spirited competition and learning both on and off the water.

Program Race Nights

Program race nights provide an opportunity for practicing racing and sailing skills on a race course.  One to two races provide opportunity for learning and skill development that will prepare you for a regatta experience.  The top racers in the weekly racing series will square off for the coveted title of QQDSP Race Night Champion!

QQDSP Sailing Lesson

As a program improvement, QQDSP offers private, personalized sailing instruction one-on-one with a Sail Canada certified instructor; these lessons replace the group lessons of the past. Each individual 2-hour session within a series of 6 or more lessons helps to build the skill and experience of the sailor so they can eventually challenging the CANSail levels. A course can consist of on-land or on-water instruction as requested by the student. For the certified-sailor, this course can be used to develop in-depth experience towards skill mastery. More info...

QQDSP has weeknight race nights

Thursday is fleet race night at QQDSP - starts beginning of June 5:30pm sharp! We are also looking for volunteers to companion and help with rigging and de rigging for race nights. 

DSAO - Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario DSAO is a family of organizations that promote and enable Ontarians with disabilities to experience therapeutic, recreational and social rehabilitation through the freedom of independent sailing. DSAO's objective is to build the sport of disabled sailing, assist with athlete development and sustain international competitive excellence. DSAO - Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario
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