Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario

DSAO Outreach Program

Bringing disabled sailing to your community

DSAO Outreach Program brings disabled sailing to communities across Ontario. DSAO holds weekend introductory experiences during the summer. If you are exploring the possibility of a disabled sailing program in your area and would like to host a session, give us a call!

DSAO Outreach Program Goes to Windsor

People with Disabilities in Windsor Get a Taste of Sailing: For a weekend in September, volunteers travel to La Salle Mariners Yacht Club in Windsor to provide interested disabled individuals an opportunity to try sailing. LaSalle's commodore invites the DSAO to bring down  two Martin 16 sailboats to demonstrate how disabled sailing works, and there was enormous community and media interest. More than 24 individuals went out in the Martin for a spin around the harbour, and were thrilled with the experience! The interest and enthusiasm exists in Windsor for a DSAO chapter, and we hope to continue to strengthen ties with the yacht club there. Many thanks to DSAO Outreach volunteers for all of their hard work!

DSAO - Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario DSAO is a family of organizations that promote and enable Ontarians with disabilities to experience therapeutic, recreational and social rehabilitation through the freedom of independent sailing. DSAO's objective is to build the sport of disabled sailing, assist with athlete development and sustain international competitive excellence. DSAO - Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario
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