Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario

Stan Panagiotidis - QQDSP Angels memorial Trophy recipient for 2016

It's with great pleasure to award Stan Panagiotidis with our DSAO Angel Award. It's volunteers like Stan that make our program a success. Stan's charm and kindness embodies everything that is DSAO.

The QQDSP Angels Memorial Trophy is given to a member or volunteer who has been inspiring with their enthusiasm, tenacity, passion and joy for the sport of sailing. A true example and inspiration of the vision of QQDSP.

The QQDSP Angels Memorial Trophy was provided in the loving memory of QQDSP members that have passed on, leaving a lasting legacy. The following poem is engraved on the QQDSP Angels Memorial Trophy.

Keep my memory with you,
For memories never die;
I will be there with you,
When you look across the sky.
I will be there in the clouds,
In the birds that fill the air;
In the caress of a gentle breeze,
You will find my memory there.

QQDSP Angels Memorial Trophy Recipients

2016 - Stan Panagiotidis
2015 - Jerry Brown
2014 - Nikko Mettinen
2013 - Bob Weir
2011 - Darcy Attas

Exceptional Service Awards are given to volunteers who have provided exceptional contributions to the DSAO.

An Award of Recognition is given to an individual who is not a member or volunteer but who has nonetheless made an exceptional contribution to the DSAO, leaving a lasting legacy.

An Officer of Honour is a volunteer who has made tremendous contributions for the betterment of the DSAO, its chapters and members.

Exceptional Service Award

2014 - Jim Taylor
2013 -David Groves, Burlington Able Sail; Bob Wercholoz, Burlington Able Sail
2012 - Goran Bulut, Barbara Hopewell, David Lowne, Endrick Kreuter, Kees Huismans, Jim Casey, Burlington Able Sail
2011 - Marcel Deurvorst, Jim Taylor, Kevin Walker, Giuseppe Chessari, Craig Brown, Michael Van Deusen
2010 - Kess Huismans, Brian Lee, Esko Venalainen, Endrick Kreuter
2009 - Karen-Ann Xavier, Marcel Deurvorst, Michael Van Dusen, Ann Milne, Joe Pileggi

Award of Recognition

2010 - Thomas Fogh, North National Outdoors Group

Officers of Honour

2011 - Ann Kennedy
2008 - Michael Van Dusen
2007 - Jeff Levine, Shelley Gauthier

Racing Rockstars


Mobility Cup 2015, Victoria BC

Linda Clarke wrote an article for GAM Magazine about her racing at Mobility Cup 2015. Linda did awesome placing 10th in Silver fleet. Here's the article:

Mobility Cup 2015, Victoria BC -Gold fleet 1st place winner; Peter Eagar!

Mobility Cup 2015, Victoria BC - Silver fleet 3rd place winner; Al Nicholls!

DSAO - Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario DSAO is a family of organizations that promote and enable Ontarians with disabilities to experience therapeutic, recreational and social rehabilitation through the freedom of independent sailing. DSAO's objective is to build the sport of disabled sailing, assist with athlete development and sustain international competitive excellence. DSAO - Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario
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