The QQDSP Angels Memorial Trophy is given to a member or volunteer who has been inspiring with their enthusiasm, tenacity, passion and joy for the sport of sailing. A true example and inspiration of the vision of QQDSP and provided in loving memory of QQDSP members who have passed on, leaving a lasting legacy. The following poem is engraved on the QQDSP Angels Memorial Trophy.

Keep my memory with you,
For memories never die;
I will be there with you,
When you look across the sky.
I will be there in the clouds,
In the birds that fill the air;
In the caress of a gentle breeze,
You will find my memory there.
2017 - Jacqueline Czernecki
2016 - Stan Panagiotidis
2015 - Jerry Brown
2014 - Nikko Mettinen
2013 - Bob Weir
2011 - Darcy Attas

Exceptional Service Awards are given to volunteers who have provided exceptional contributions to the DSAO.

2017 – Jerry Brown, Marcel Deurvorst , Stan Panagiotidis
2014 – Jim Taylor
2013 – David Groves, Burlington Able Sail; Bob Wercholoz, Burlington Able Sail
2012 – Goran Bulut, Barbara Hopewell, David Lowne, Endrick Kreuter, Kees Huismans, Jim Casey, Burlington Able Sail
2011 – Marcel Deurvorst, Jim Taylor, Kevin Walker, Giuseppe Chessari, Craig Brown, Michael Van Deusen
2010 – Kess Huismans, Brian Lee, Esko Venalainen, Endrick Kreuter
2009 – Karen-Ann Xavier, Marcel Deurvorst, Michael Van Dusen, Ann Milne, Joe Pileggi

An Award of Recognition is given to an individual who is not a member or volunteer but who has nonetheless made an exceptional contribution to the DSAO, leaving a lasting legacy.

2010 – Thomas Fogh, North National Outdoors Group

An Officer of Honour is a volunteer who has made tremendous contributions for the betterment of the DSAO, its chapters and members.

2011 – Ann Kennedy
2008 – Michael Van Dusen
2007 – Jeff Levine, Shelley Gauthier