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QQDSP Learn-To-Sail Courses

CANSail Courses

A Sail Canada national standard sailing course taught by certified instructors that prepares students to challenge the introductory CAN Sail Level I, II, or III criteria. The course teaches the fundamentals of sailing and builds the student's comfort and confidence in a sailboat. Terminology, safe boating practices, points of sail and basic tacking and gybing manoeuvres are covered. This course is popular and early registration is recommended.

The format of this adult course is a series of personalized, one-on-one sailing instruction sessions with a Sail Canada certified instructor. Each individual 2 hour session helps to build the skill and experience of the sailor so that they can learn the sailing skills required of the various CANSail levels. A 6 session minimum is required to pass each level. Additional practice during recreational periods is recommended.  A course can consist of on-land or on-water instruction as requested by the student.  For the certified-sailor, this course can be used to develop in-depth experience towards skill mastery. 

Although this course was offered in the previous years, it will not be available for the 2016 Sailing Season. Please stand by for more information on CANsail courses at QQDSP. For any inquires or questions please email the office. 

CANSail Challenge Test

A one-on-one on-water test given by an instructor to verify the sailing level of program members and volunteers. The test is intended as a qualifier for companion sailors and skippers who have attained CAN Sail level I, II, or III or have equivalent experience. The test is to be requested by the member at the office. The available instructor will schedule the test time with the member.

CANSail One-on-One Course

An individualized one-on-one course session with a certified sailing instructor that, when taken as a series, prepares students to challenge the Sail Canada criteria for CANSail I, II, III or IV levels. Students who have CANSail and Whitesail levels are welcome to take a refresher or fine tuning lesson too!

Cost:  $25/sailor if there is one sailor;  $20/sailor if there are two sailors

2 hour private lessons are offered during regular QQDSP recreational sailing periods.

To register for CANSail One-on-One courses, contact the QQDSP office (416-214-0358).

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